Albania and the Cryptocurrency Market

Albania has always has an eye on the cryptocurrency market. According to a Coin Telegraph report, Albania has introduced P2P Nodes quite recently. This is a mining platform for cryptocurrency designed to draw the attention of the business world. As cryptocurrency continues to gain in both momentum and popularity all over the world, the number of businesses interested in becoming a part of the digital currency era has increased as well. The interesting aspect is the new venture in Albania is not cryptocurrency, but something else.

The P2P Nodes

According to the reports, the P2P Nodes registration reached completion in October of 2017, and currently there are not a lot of details known regarding the operation. The suggestion was made by Finance Magnates that the P2P Nodes may be using third-party mining as a basis. This could mean Albania is making preparations to use their cloud platform for clients to rent space for cryptocurrency mining. In many parts of the world, Albania becoming a part of cryptocurrency mining would signify a noteworthy mention at the least. For China, this news would be exceptional.


During the last few months, all the news regarding China’s digital currencies has been negative. Digital exchanges and currencies were under a crackdown by the Chinese government. The reason was supposedly to locate the sources of money laundering and illegal activity. A good example is one of the biggest mining pools for cryptocurrency in China, ViaBTC. They have been shuttered because of China’s regulatory concerns.

The Leadership of Albania

Many people were surprised regarding the possibility of a new Albanian platform due to the skepticism of the Albanian leadership. Jack Ma is one of the leaders in Albania, and his skepticism regarding digital currencies was clearly expressed. He was asked how he felt about digital currency and stated he was completely confused.

He felt even if the concept of digital currency worked, it would completely change the international rules regarding financing and trade. At the same time this occurred, Jack Ma was praising blockchain technology. It may be important to note his worth exceeds $46 billion. This may mean his company has previously investigated the ways to use blockchain technology.

The Future of Albanian Cryptocurrency

There is no way to guarantee what Albania intends to do with the cryptocurrency mining platform. No sign of a plan to launch a digital currency has been seen. Albania is an influential and massive country, and if they choose to become part of the digital currency space it will have repercussions for the rest of the world.