The rise of cryptocurrencies has changed the way companies are looking to make money across the planet with many of the most famous Websites on the Internet hacking into the PC’s of their users to mine for new forms of cryptocurrency. Known as cryptojacking, the latest craze in mining for cryptocurrency has seen government agencies from North Korea and major media networks seeking incognito ways to farm the latest entrants onto the cryptocurrency market.


The latest forms of cryptocurrency include Monero, a currency first released in 2014 which allows users to everyday PC’s to mine for this form of currency which is a change from the first form of cryptocurrency released which was Bitcoin. Although the first years of Bitcoin saw many individuals use their home PC’s for mining the currency has now changed to allow only large server farms to complete the major mathematical problems and calculations required for discovering new forms of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin; the ability to mine for Bitcoins now become a niche industry requiring a major investment which has removed the ability of many to achieve the dream of striking it big with a cryptocurrency farming operation.

North Koreans Hack Cryptocurrencies

The use of hacked PC’s by the North Korean government has become a major news story but CNN have recently reported many Websites and file sharing services have been looking at cryptocurrency mining options as a replacement for the traditional use of advertisements on their Sites. Surprising results have been discovered for those who are investigating the illegal use of code dumped onto the PC’s of users of some of the top Websites in the world; the scandal initially broke with news of Monero mining code being placed on the personal computers of users of the Showtime app which forced individual laptops and desktops to complete mathematical equations on behalf of the CBS-owned company.

Showtime Mines Coins From Your Browser

After the revelations broke of the use of the code by Showtime led to the code being removed from the Showtime site before resurfacing on the personal Website of soccer superstar, Christiano Ronaldo. The latest Site to be discovered as part of the cryptocurrency mining scandal is the Google Chrome file sharing extension Pirate Bay; this controversial Site has been closed down on a number of occasions because of its file-sharing activities breaching copyright rules. Working with major cryptocurrency mining operations such as Coinhive, JSE Coin, and CryptoLoot, individual Websites can share in as much as 30 percent of the revenue created by a mining project.