For crypto consumers looking for an all-inclusive ecosystem for their cryptocurrency, look no further than OneCoin’s “DealShaker” – an e-commerce platform designed to enhance the OneCoin ecosystem by allowing merchants and consumers to easily use OneCoins to buy and sell goods and services.

The DealShaker platform provides a double benefit for OneCoin users. Not only does DealShaker provide a fully integrated marketplace for OneCoin transactions; it also increases the usability of OneCoin, thus increasing its value. So for consumers looking for a new crypto – OneCoin is looking like a good option.

OneCoin partners with DealShaker

Only OneCoin is accepted on the DealShaker platform, though cash can also be used to pay for up to half of the cost goods or services – an added benefit of the system.


Both consumers and merchants benefit from the DealShaker platform. By joining DealShaker, merchants gain access to the entire universe of OneCoin users, a user base that now exceeds three million users. Consumers gain the ability to use their OneCoins to purchase just about anything under the sun.

Know Your Customer

What further sets OneCoin apart from other cryptos is its “Know your Customer” (KYC) protocols, which ensures that both merchants and consumers are acting in legitimate transactions. OneCoin’s protocols ensures transparency, so that both merchants and consumers can rest assured that the other party to their transactions are NOT acting in a criminal manner.

These protocols are very different from other cryptos like Bitcoin, which has become a favorite of online criminals due to the anonymity of transactions with Bitcoin.

In only three months since its launch, OneCoin’s DealShaker platform has grown to include 32,000 merchants and 200,000 OneCoin users. Consumers are likely to jump on board in the coming months as the platform continues to catch on with merchants and buyers.