Imagine having the ability to buy anything you want from anywhere in the world and at any time. Imagine being able to sell anything to anyone around the world. Does this sound like a utopian dream?

Maybe not but perhaps you have heard of cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a money exchange system that operates online.

Take paper money, for instance. Why does it have value? The US Dollar used to have real value when it was on the gold standard, but that’s no longer the case. If there is no trace of gold in the money and it’s just a piece of paper, what gives it value?

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The fact that we believe it has value is what gives it value. That’s the same concept that applies when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The fact that millions of people around the world believe it has value gives it value.And there is no better example than OneCoin, the cryptocurrency that will demolish all borders for you and connect you with the rest of the world.

OneCoin is like Bitcoin: a virtual cryptocoin which operates using cryptocurrencies. It has a private blockchain (a distributed database that maintains a list recording the transactions that occur in the network).The CEO of the company is Dr. Ruja Ignatova, he has stewarded the company to its current global leadership in the cryptocurrency industry.

If the concept of cryptocurrencies seems risky, think about your bank balance. Let’s say you have a million dollars in your bank account. Does the bank have a million lying around somewhere?

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Of course not. It’s nothing more than numbers on a screen which demonstrate that the bank has your money. The same concept applies to cryptocoins like OneCoin. If anything, your money is just as safe, thanks to the strong cryptography that companies like OneCoin invest in.

It’s also quicker to access your cryptocoin money than the money in the bank. Plus, cryptocurrencies are borderless.

By clicking a button, you can complete a transaction within minutes. And don’t think that it will take longer to send crypto coins to someone in Australia or Russia than to your next-door neighbor.

It will be just as quick. You see, cryptocurrency companies invest in a global network of computers. So transacting with a person who is literally on the other side of the planet will be as fast as doing the same with an individual who lives down the block.

But since Bitcoin, several new players have joined the industry. Consumers are spoiled for choice.

The best option is OneCoin. The company has proven itself and is set to go public in 2018.

Many of us believe that the world has become a global village. But nothing proves this notion more than the quick transactions that OneCoin enables you to make.

For truly borderless transactions, choose OneCoin. The company has dedicated itself to this purpose: to connect you to anyone anywhere on earth at any time. And it’s all at a click of a mouse away while being 100% secure. It is straightforward and quick.

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