On May 7, thousands of cryptocurrency consumers will attend OneCoin’s mega-conference in Macau, where consumers and investors will get a first-hand look at the benefits of OneCoin.

How often do consumers get a chance to see the people behind a product up close? This is part of the OneCoin appeal – transparency. Transparency is part of OneCoin’s business model, which gives it an advantage over other cryptos like Bitcoin.

OneCoin’s Strong Leader: Ruja Ignatova

Unlike Bitcoin, whose founders remain cloaked in mystery and which allows bad actors to hide behind anonymous transactions, transparency is part of OneCoin’s DNA, making it a better choice for crypto-consumers.

OneCoin was the first cryptocurrency to employ “Know Your Customer” (KYC) protocols, by storing KYC documents in its blockchain. Setting a new standard for cryptocurrencies, OneCoin’s KYC policy makes it transparent so that consumers know who they are dealing with.

OneCoin Macau Conference 2017

The Macau success

OneCoin’s transparency extends all the way to its founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, who has built OneCoin into a global ecosystem that will be on full display at the May 7 OneCoin conference in Macau.This is a chance for consumers to see a cryptocurrency’s founder, management and investors first-hand. They can ask questions, inquire about OneCoin’s plans for the future and meet others in the OneCoin network.OneCoin deserves credit for bringing their cryptocurrency straight to consumers, so that consumers can decide if OneCoin is right for them.