One of the problems with many cryptocurrencies is that they are created and then left to the community of users to manage. While this sometimes works, as in the case of Bitcoin, it’s not always successful. After a certain amount of time, the vision of the creator has been changed significantly, and the community starts to lose faith in the currency. OneCoin has attempted to take a different approach that will ensure its longevity and success.


One of the big differences between OneCoin and other cryptocurrencies is its compliance with regulations. While many currencies purposely avoid complying with any regulations because of the nature of their mission, OneCoin aims to be a legitimate financial product that complies with government regulation.

One of the stigmas that many cryptocurrencies have had to deal with is that they are associated with organized crime. Many different types of crime are facilitated with the help of Bitcoin and other similar currencies. OneCoin complies with regulation, audits their blockchain, and is transparent in their dealings. This helps to curb any illicit activities that can be conducted with the help of the coin.


bitcoin education

Another area in which OneCoin’s management has helped take it to the next level is in education. They have created several helpful resources that aim to make users more educated on the cryptocurrency and how to use it. OneAcademy is a a 7-level online academy that was created to educate OneCoin users on many different financial topics pertaining to OneCoin. In addition to learning about the coin itself and how to use it, you can learn about asset management, how to trade on exchanges, other asset classes and much more. This academy was created with the purpose of making users more economically literate and helping them be a part of the global financial industry. Many of the simple mistakes that are made in other cryptocurrency communities can be avoided with the education provided by OneAcademy.


Dealshaker is another innovative product created by the strong management team at OneCoin. Dealshaker is an online ecommerce platform that facilitates the use of OneCoin in purchasing. Many users of OneCoin sell their products and services on Dealshaker. This has helped create a vibrant ecosystem in the OneCoin community.

The strong management and leadership in the OneCoin organization makes all the difference in the world of cryptocurrency. Users have a lot to look forward with the amazing vision behind OneCoin currently being fulfilled.