Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to ensure transactions are secure. This technology also limits the creation of more currency units. Cryptocurrency is a constituent of several altcoin currencies. Unlike the common coins; it is hard for the authorities to seizure cryptocurrency. Many Cryptocurrencies are also pseudo-anonymous. BitCoin and OneCoin are two of the popular altcoins.

OneCoins are the easiest to use in our world today

Dr. Ruja Ignatova founded OneCoin. By the year 2016, it was the 2nd largest in this industry. OneCoins are created through “mining”. Every coin mined is unique. OneCoins exist in a finite number hence they are impossible to counterfeit. Furthermore, OneCoins are not affected by inflation. The OneCoin reserve has a pool of 120 billion. It is the biggest currency reserve worldwide.

OneCoin is independent

OneCoin bitcoin exchangeCryptocurrencies are independent of any central bank or country. Their value lies in demand, supply, and usability. These characteristics of OneCoins have attracted a lot of consumers to the system. The cryptocurrency is easy to use. You can make money transfers and buy commodities irrespective of your location. If you decide to use OneCoin, you will join millions of other people already using this currency. After joining the network, you can then mine and enjoy the various benefits of OneCoins. There are several ways of using your coins when trading. Visit the OneCoin official website for more information on its uses.

OneCoin Company Limited dedicates itself to serving everybody around the globe. They have put across measures to ensure the hardware involved in the trade is easy to access and use. In doing so, they hope to create a cheap, fast and safe business network for all across the globe. They have put a team of competent workers who monitor the cryptocurrency industry. The company is then able to cope with any changes and operate under set regulations. It is a compliant, transparent and a good entity as a whole.

KYC Storing

The company’s block chain is the first to store KYC data. This information runs anytime. It is also customized to meet both the sellers and consumers’ needs. With the block chain feature, OneCoin is more efficient than all the credit card providers. This feature makes OneCoin the ideal cryptocurrency network for merchants as it is easy to use.

A point worth noting is that OneCoin has absolutely no relation with BitCoin. It is rather a new generation of cryptocurrency, yet much better and easier to use than BitCoin.

Since OneCoin launched, the system has expanded significantly, and it keeps growing larger every day. There are many buyers and sellers available in the system to date. The cryptocurrencies are independent of each other. You cannot buy or sell goods with other currencies.

Being the first cryptocurrency to store KYC data, Onecoin is transparent. For this reason, it is a suitable currency for our daily financial lives. There is no complex knowledge required for anyone to use this digital currency.  You can get Onecoins either by mining or trading. It’s that simple, and you can start using them.